Ew, why do they look like that?

A considerably offensive title can only be screened by the positive moral of the post, for which i assure you there will be… Society these days is ruled by the pretty; the youtubers, the instagram models, Donald Trump (just joking), but why is that? Well these are the people who we all secretly aspire to be. You may not openly admit this, but if i offered you a chance to be rich, without having a real job, and to be loved by hundreds of thousands of people, just because of the way you look, would you really say no?

No you wouldn’t, why the fuck would you. We all want to be beautiful. We buy brand new clothes, new shoes, invest in cosmetics and hair products, to portray our own image every time we step out the front door. And in a way it’s a good thing, everyone on planet earth deserves their own image, for people to see who you truly are, which is easily expressed by our appearance. Now the majority of you may be reading this, pondering as to what my point is, but it’s simple really. What if we cannot be beautiful? How does society view you? How do you view yourself? This is where a lot of anxiety issues can arise. Personally, as many of you are, i am a firm believer that everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. However, when it comes to our appearance, this rule doesn’t apply to the society we live in. Kids get bullied at school; adults get avoided in the street, it’s all the same. If you’re not beautiful, and you know people think that, that’s when the anxiety problems start to nibble away at you.

How fucked up is that? If i’m not beautiful i get anxiety? Doesn’t this scream at you right in the face that there is something wrong with today’s society? Yes, there is. Unfortunately, there isn’t really much we can do about that.

I know this post has been completely negative, but i’m getting to the point. As a teenager, i even had a brief stint in the modelling industry, until i figured that there wasn’t much point to it, and making a career from the way you looked is not a career i wanted to pursue. Now; i have severe Alopecia, and every day is a struggle to get out of the house, because of how terrified i am of people looking down on me. But this is not the ‘be all and end all’ of existence. Everyone, beautiful or not, has people who love them, people who are there for them no matter what. It may be one person, or one hundred people, but THEY are the people who matter. If they can love you for who you truly are then don’t let them go. Love them, cherish them, because these are the people who matter in life. Who gives a fuck how many followers you have on instagram? Who gives a damn how many people you’ve slept with by casting your spell of divine and beauty? The answer is; not the people who matter.

Take this as a lesson, use this as a ‘pick me up’, i don’t care. Just know that you are all fucking beautiful, and i promise that there are people out there who agree with me. Fuck society.





  1. I agree, fuck society!
    But don’t you think that literally no person’s say on how you look should affect you?
    Won’t a slip of a tongue from your loved ones hurt more than anything?

    I think, rather than believing in them, one should just believe and be happy with self! If you think you’re fab, you’re fab.

    That’s my two cents!


  2. Well I’m sure for one thing it helps to avoid anything and everything which irritates, depresses you. I left the City way back at the beginning of the 1990s since I loathed the whole corporate charade. I loathe business and in particular the Apprentice. Ha ha ha. I believe science will get us there eventually in the meantime I guess one just has to learn to live with the wretched Black Dog. I find disappearing down a rabbit hole helps, so that’s what I do most of the time!

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  3. Really, that’s it? Alopecia? When Rodney, a very dear friend now, came to work with us at the beginning of this century, I thought he might be my age. We had other similarities. We were both Cancers, both veterans, both males. both guitarists. But while I was having my 55th birthday, he was having his 40th, and he was already bald. He wore a cap constantly, until we told him to shave the head clean. We would rather see a clean bald head than someone who’s terrified to take his cap off. He is a completely different and confident person now, and he just had his 51st birthday last year when I turned 66.
    Oh, and for getting ugly. Wait till you’re my age and you can’t recognize yourself anymore. That’ll shock you.


  4. I am on the other end of the age spectrum from you, dear writer. And I am not beautiful. I just want to say that my life experience is that when you really know/love someone, his/her appearance is just one part of the big picture and the personality so outweighs looks. The guy I thought was gorgeous when we met after time has physical attributes I find odd. The gal with the big nose is adorable in her own special way. So let people get to know you (THERE’s the challenge) and they won’t see your “flaws.”


  5. As someone who has never been “beautiful” in the conventional sense, and getting older is not making it any easier….first, it is all in the attitude more than anything else. People look at me and they respond more to how I carry myself than what I necessarily look like, most of them. And even for those that do respond to what I look like in a negative way…as they get to know me, that becomes less and less important to them. Personality can make even the most homely of us absolutely stunning, it is because a person’s character shines through.

    Incidentally, if the baldness really makes you uncomfortable. shave your head. Some of the sexiest men I have ever seen (and even dated), decided to say “F’ it, I am beating mother nature to the punch!” and they never regretted it.

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    1. Thank you Cherilyn. I definitely agree with how people respond to you more strongly depending on your demeanor, but society can be cruel and shallow, regardless of your personality. As long as the people close to us accept us for who we are then that is all we need. And with regards to the hair.. I think it may be time to go bald like my father! Thankyou again for taking the time to read my posts.


  6. Yes it’s a subject we could debate for hours. And if you’re not ‘beautiful’ you’re anxious, and if you’re anxious you spend more on products to make yourself ‘beautiful’. It’s an industry of habitualisation based around negative self-image; the few taking advantage of the many, and posing as if they care. Really, those of us out there who never have concerns over self image (if we exist!) are the phenomenon, the exception to the rule.
    We can’t take on the industry, but we do have the power to influence our own perceptions.
    Do you know Russell Brand? He has a podcast called Under the Skin which I think you’d find stimulating. He’s equal parts eloquent and manic, which keeps things entertaining.


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