The Meltdown, Part 2..

Clarity. Peace. Tranquility. The calm after the storm. You feel as if the whole world is against you; the insecurities, the pressure and self loathing make you crumble to the ground with every breath you take. And then nothing. None of that. None of the feelings that hurt your very existence. You feel like a new breed of superhuman, capable of conquering the world with one swift click of the fingers.

Of course this is only temporary, there are good days and bad days, many more mountains ahead. But at least for the moment, those mountains don’t look too tough. Now the family are on board, they know everything, it’s time to tackle the people who haven’t been there since the very start. The friends, the girlfriend, they’re next. I just need to be honest with them as I were with my family. They will understand if our relationships are true. They need to know why i need to set a new path for myself to embark on, as i cannot do what they are doing anymore. It’s not like i am disappearing from their lives, i will still be living with them, i will just have to set my stalls in a new area of interest.

So much passion, so little time. Now I have quit my studies, i can finally do what i love. What is that? The problem is, it’s a lot of things. I love to run, so i shall run faster. I love to make music, so i shall make people dance. I love to take photographs, so i shall stun people will the natural beauty mother earth has gifted us with. But most importantly, i love to write. So i shall write. I will write to reach out to others who are like me, the silent and depraved. I shall pour my heart and soul into a novel, which i don’t care if people read or not. It’s time to be fucking happy. Not just for myself, but for people everywhere struggling with their mental health. I’m on a mission; a mission to prove that no matter how long you have struggled, retribution is possible.

It’s time to make stronger bonds with the men I call my best friends, and the woman i call the love of my life. It’s time to stand on my own two feet, without the crutches of desperation holding up my hefty shoulders.

As light as a feather, as free as the sky, my mind is clear. Don’t bottle it up. If you struggle with mental health, talk to someone about it, they will just end up loving you more.

As always





  1. Great! Glad you talked to them . Refer back to this in tough times. You are okay. You will be okay. You are going to make it through this. Don’t think you have to plan out your whole life . Just plan the next day or even get a minimum wage job and just coast awhile . You’ll figure it out. 😊

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  2. That’s so inspiring 😀 when it comes down to it, the bad times are worth it, because if they lead to feeling, even just for a second, that everything’s going to be okay… then it’s worth it.
    (Wow. Totally lost myself there, haha)

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  3. That post sounds so hopeful! I agree completely with telling the people you’re close to. Otherwise your relationship with them can’t be honest.
    Look at you go! Keep it up. 🤗

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