The power of expression..

How does one express themselves? Through the power of art. Dance, draw, write, sing; using a voice which differs from your day to day verbal use. It comes from the heart, it shows your emotions in ways words can not describe alone. It allows you to communicate in such a language that is understood by all, but can never be truly translated. Expression doesn’t care how you look, how you speak, if you’ve got the latest Apple product or how many friends you have on fucking MySpace. It gives you a completely new identity; one which some chose to flaunt, but some chose to hide behind.

When you struggle with day to day life, and you cannot use your words like other. When you are anxious and depressed and cannot vocalise what you truly feel. Express yourself. What do you think I’m doing now? I could never speak to anyone like this, these words would never come out of my mouth. Yet I am typing them. I am expressing myself on a page, without using my voice, but pouring my heart out onto a computer screen using the greatest gift god gave us: the English language. I express myself through strumming on my guitar string, by taking photographs that represent how I feel, and all the while I forget about everybody else. I forget about the anxiety, I forget about my fake mask of confidence I wear around my friends. And I can truly be myself.

Who ever you are, however hard you find it to speak, learn to express yourself. It can be in anyway you want. You need to show the world how you feel to help yourself recover. Go and paint, go and write a book, go and write the most beautiful song the world will ever have the pleasure of listening to, Just be you. You never know, you just may change the world. Express yourselves using the universal language that nobody can speak. Be an artist.

Believe me. We will all here you. And you will finally be comfortable with the world, without saying a word.

As always,





  1. I really connected to this. I’m 41 and I felt exactly this way when I was 19 and you never forget the darkness or how much easier it is sometimes to keep
    it hidden. My advice (if you want it and if not that’s totally cool too 🙂 is to talk to those who love you and let them support you through it. Not only will it help you heal but it is important that they see the real you. Especially your girlfriend. Much light and kindness to you my fellow blogger. Stay you

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  2. I’ve recently come to a similar conclusion as you. It all comes down to expressing yourself in whatever way you can. But you might have to do a little work finding that method. For me it’s photography and now writing. Express yourself and someone will connect with you. We aren’t alone on this earth even though it definitely feels like it sometimes. We just might be in another country that the one who understands us best. So get whatever you do out there, like you said.

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  3. wow we know we should be ourselves and we should express our feelings… but what is the way to do it , to direct your feeling into something creative.It will strengthen your confidence and widen your horizon.
    Here is a link to my blog regarding don’t try to numb your emotions ,being emotional is a strength not a weakness.
    If you like it then please follow back.
    Thanks in advance.


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