The fear of change..

Change. Maybe one of the most dreaded words for individuals of the anxious variety. When you’ve been holding feelings and emotions to yourself for so long, you learn ways to repress your sadness with distractions, and the occasional breakdown. The problem is, we become more and more comfortable within our surroundings through familiarity alone. Through routine and repetition, our lives are the source of our anxiety and ultimately our most favorable coping mechanism. If there was ever a circumstance to demonstrate the complexity and enormous head fuckery that is mental health, then this would be such a circumstance.

Now what happens when something in your life changes? When your biggest coping mechanism is interrupted? It’s the equivalent of changing the chemical composition of prescription tablets. Does change in ones life cause a complete collapse? Well, it obviously depends what the change is, but I can guarantee that any change to an individual with an already damaged mind, will cause a lot more harm then you would ever think. Imagine starting a new job; new people, new responsibilities and a new routine in your life. Normal right? This is what everybody has to go through at some point in their lives, it is deemed a normal event in amidst of every life event. Now imagine the same scenario, but for someone with anxiety.

The people who struggle walking down the street without having a mental breakdown or two. Forced to get a job, for financial purposes, but it is such a mammoth task. Being comfortable around new people can take months and months to accomplish. Getting settled into a new routine can cause an unrequited level of stress, and learning new responsibilities can be tough, when all on your mind is what others are thinking of you. I think a certain amount of light has to be shed on this situation. We all fear change, but it is considerably worse for certain people.

As with every situation involving an individual with anxiety, there is a way to alleviate the pressure. If you are going through changes in your life, and it is deteriorating your mental health, you need to actively seek someone to talk too; keeping it locked up inside yourself can make you worse and worse, until a meltdown is inevitable. Furthermore, seek out a new distraction. Maybe write out every day what is on your mind, and turn it into a poem. Maybe run or walk every morning, and let the endorphins do the work. On the other hand, if you see someone close to you going through change, be there for them. Even if you just let them know that they can confide in you, I promise that it will make a difference.

I suppose the summary of this post is simple. Although any change in your life can be daunting, it does not always have to be feared; it can be seen as a path to a better future, perhaps one anxiety free. Together we can help the needs of all.

As always,





  1. Francis, thank you so much for this post! I’ve been struggling with anxiety for years and the inevitable life changes made my anxiety worse. Nevertheless, I hope it’s safe to say that I’ve been feeling better these days….

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  2. You had me at “mind-fuckery”! Nice to see when someone uses an expression that you would usually use to describe the same situation. I loved your post and your writing style. As I was reading, it struck a chord with me. An “aha” moment of sorts. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone in our struggles. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading your other posts. Love, light and blessings sent your way.

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      1. Agreed! Hopefully our bravery and vulnerability can help break the unfortunate stigma of mental illness and allow people to come forward and feel more at ease with their own issues.

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