Calling all the quiet..

Quoting the model for inspiration: “Quiet people have the loudest minds” – Stephen Hawking.

He was right. He is right. The silent soul has most powerful voice, it just goes unheard to most. Not only loud; but beautiful in so many ways. The person sitting right next to you could be a talented artist: could use words in such a way to mold your heart into putty; could sing a song so beautiful the whole world would stop to listen; could paint a painting so magnificent it would make the Mona Lisa cast a smile.. But you would never know. There are millions of us with untold wonders that remain dormant because of our fear of noise. We will avoid you in the street, we will debate whether to leave the house at all, you could even know us for years and years without us ever telling you how we truly feel.

If you have stumbled upon this post, i’m probably talking about you. You don’t want to be who you are because you’re scared as to how people will react. I get it, I do the same, I will never criticize anyone who does so because it is not our own fault. It is our introvert nature, our anxiety and degrading mental health which stops our voices from blessing the world around us. If this is you, you can comfortably read this knowing that you are no freak, you are perfectly normal. We may be a minority among the world but not by much, and I can promise you that out of all the people you know: there are more suffering than you think.

Find your song, find your passion, find the one thing that can make you release your emotions come pouring out like water from a tap. Do it publicly? Maybe, if you feel comfortable enough. Do it anonymously? Highly advisable, it allows us to be who we are to millions on the internet and get their honest reaction to your work, without you being scared of people casting judgment on you. If not the latter or former, do it for us. Do it for the folk who are just like you. The other silent voices want to hear yours, loud and clear, and maybe it can bring us all together. Write a poem; write a song; write a short story; tell your own story – do whatever makes your heart tick, and share it with us, your community.

A million silent voices can scream louder than any storm, so lets make ourselves heard. Contact me, tell me your story, let me share it with the world.

As always,





  1. Self-care is vital and necessary and should not be seen as a luxury. I admire your posts, but wondering… How will you handle all the negativity of other people’s stories on top of your own? How will writing about somebody else’s suffering help them, and you, and all of us?


    1. The fact is I won’t be alone with handling the negativity, I will be exposing their stories to a community of people going through the same situations, people will offer advice, kind words, and it will let people know that they are not alone as they think they are.


      1. What if the stories are too cold to keep you whole? Stories that curdle your soul? What if writing it will make you weep as you realize that by sharing the sorrow you are repeating the story all over again?


  2. Francis,
    I went through years of hiding in the shadows and thinking I had nothing significant to offer anyone. Then I went from hiding to rebellion in my teen years, determined to be in control of my life and with an “in your face” attitude, but underneath I was still hiding. Then finally at age 31, I met Christ and He showed me that He had given me gifts and abilities of value. As I began to slowly put myself out there in writing and speaking about things I was passionate about others came along side me and helped me develop what God had given me. I am still learning and growing in in my faith and I still have times when I want to isolate myself for fear of rejection but they now come farther and fewer between . Each of us have been given gifts and abilities. Not all the same but all important and given for us to use and not to hide them. You have a gift of writing and of encouraging through your writing. Put it out there Francis, the world needs it.
    A quote from a wonderful lady, Irene Blumhagen (now 86), who is not famous in the worlds view but who has impacted many lives with her writing: ” One of these days the Lord will call me home, but my legacy is what I put in print.” That is my passion as well. That something I have written will impact someone for their good and God’s glory. Keep on writing Francis.


  3. I too am glad for the shield and vast exposure of the internet. Now, we can find the few/many who value out heart-felt life experiences. Now, we can test the world with our thoughts, our feelings, our whimsy. From my experience, we can learn where to trust the world and where to beware. I enjoy reading your explorations.

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