The translation of my expression..

Why do we express ourselves? We do so to speak to people in a way our voices wont allow. We pour our hearts out in the code of the endless forms of art present in the world today. Broken, alone without the capability to speak our minds, without expressing ourselves we will delve deep into a black-hole from which we may never truly escape. Why are we broken? We all have our reasons, it can be anything. It could be a simple case of ‘girl meets boy’ and ten years later you’re still paying the price for falling in love with the wrong person. The point is, we are all broken in our own ways, some more severe than others, but nobody can be perfect.

It makes sense; everyone being broken in their own way, as how else will we learn how to be human? If everything was perfect and everybody was happy all the time, then what is the meaning of life? We fall down, then pick ourselves up and put ourselves back together time after time until all that’s left of us is a collage of broken dreams held together by the loves in our lives, whether it be human or not. We may be broken, but we all have coping mechanisms to stop ourselves from going extinct – we express ourselves. It can be beautiful, dark or damn right scary, but through expression is our only sense of freedom.

The way someone expresses themselves can tell you a lot. It is a universal language that no one truly understands, but everybody can speak. You may sing, play an instrument, write, draw, play games, participate in sport. It can be anything, big through small, everybody has their ways. Personally, I have a lot of modes of expression, maybe too many. I run, to feel free with the elements and to let out my repressed frustrations in life. I write, to try and turn my twisted life into a beautiful mess that maybe people someday will learn to love. I play guitar when I’m alone and troubled, to let my emotions out in a melody instead of tears. I have many more which I shall not delve into. The point is if you listen to the way somebody expresses themselves, you may get hints as to how they really feel.

If somebody you know writes a poem, look at the words, decipher their true meanings. If somebody you know paints a portrait, maybe they are trying to tell the world something. It can be subconscious when an individual expresses themselves through art. That’s how every piece of art – whatever that may be – is beautiful and unique, as it carries the scars of the artist into its existence.

If you are hurt, express yourself through your passions. If you are happy, express yourself through your passions. Show the world how you feel more than words alone could ever explain. People will love it. People will love you. Without knowing the real reason for their appreciation, people can relate to any art which you give life, as everybody is hurt in their own way.

As always,





  1. Awesome. If only everyone around could “decode” what is expressed , the world would be a far better place. But I guess everyone has their own form of expression. Now that we know, let’s try to decipher the expressions of our dear ones and acknowledge their thought state. Reminds me of my grandmother, to whom, I never was there. I wish I could go back in time and understand her and empathize with her. Thanks for writing this, Francis.

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