Maybe we can’t help it..

The bitter realization of truth can be detrimental to ones health, both physical and mental. When we change our lives for what we think is the better, just to discover the grass is the same shade of green on the other side; just to replace the old problems for the new, leading us to presume we are trapped in a loop of nothing but disappointment and stormy weather.

Maybe the key behind happiness for all human kind is the beauty of resolve. The joy and sudden sense of euphoria we experience when we overcome an obstacle that has been holding us back. The late rent, the lack of relationships, the new job you’ve been after, all obstacles in the way of everybody’s peace and wellness. But what happens when you finally pay the late rent? You lie down, happy and quiet and have the best nights sleep you’ve had that month – yet you wake up the next day, and have to figure out how to pay next months rent, the exact same obstacle. What happens when you get into a new relationship? You are happy for weeks, drunk on love and high on the joys of union – then you have an argument, you need to figure out how to make each other happy, you have to make sacrifices in the name of your partners peace; you overcame one obstacle, just to present you with several more.

The point of this is to show that every resolution to a problem just opens the door for more problems to arise. I am not being negative, I am not saying we will never be happy, no matter how successful we are, I am merely questioning our source of happiness – What if we need problems in our lives in order to be happy? If we have nothing to resolve, will we ever taste the sweetness of euphoria again? If we have nothing to resolve, then what are we supposed to do? We humans thrive on resolution, it is our means to our ends and the only reason we become happy.

Now I just hit you with the ‘You will always have problems’ line, how do you feel? I imagine you feel pretty fucking shitty – pardon my french. If our whole means of happiness is to be constantly facing problems then why do we crave happiness? This is what can play with your mental health. When you always feel unhappy and feel that life has thrown too many obstacles in your way for you to ever be happy, then you will stop trying to hurdle those obstacles, and find other ways to cope and be ‘content’ with life. The bitter truth is that the most depressed man in the world and the happiest man in the world have the same amount of obstacles – yet one decides to avoid those obstacles and the other accepts that they will always be there, so clears them accordingly.

In no way am I attacking the mentally ill – I myself avoid my problems as much as possible, so much so sometimes I forget what it feels like to fix something in my life – and I am not blaming people who are depressed and anxious for being the way they are, I am stating that maybe if we all accepted that our problems will never go away, maybe we have a shot to be happy.

The more problems left unsolved, the extra weight we have to carry. The more problems we solve, even though we know more shall follow, the happier we will be.

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  1. I try not to narrow people into categories, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. I see basically 3 types of people in life: those who blame everyone else for their problems, those who blame themselves for their problems, and those who try to figure out why they are how they are, choosing to learn and grow from it, experiencing freedom along the way.

    This is an excellent post with some great insight. Humans too often miss the chance to view adversity as opportunity. Like you, some things I simply HAVE to avoid for the sake of my own mental health, but other things that I just want to run away from are often situations I just don’t want to have to do the work to fix. Like everything else in life, I find that it’s a balance, different and unique for each individual.

    Enjoying your writing!

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  2. Where does this idea of positive and negative come from in your life? Do you really think any event needs you to apply the idea, or group-mind’s idea of well/unwell, right/wrong, good/bad to it? Your last post is still riddled with questions, to which there is actually only one answer.


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