Peaks And Troughs…

I hate to break it to you folks, but there is no such thing as a smooth ride. Especially when it comes to life.

Take myself for example: when I first started this blog I was posting minimum one post per day. Motivation was high, inspiration was oh so present at the time; I was suffering badly with my mental health, so why not start an anonymous blog about mental health to express myself?! In a fucked up way, the poison that was ruining my mind was also being used as a source of healing. I suppose you can call that phase a peak in this blogs life.

Yet the past few months have most definitely been a trough in this blogs life. I never posted, I never interacted with other blogs, I didn’t even log in. Not once. Why? Because motivation was low, and inspiration was low. I got my act together, changed what I wanted to change in my life and suddenly felt no real need to write about my mental health, even though it was always present.

However, when I logged on today, I was swamped with new follows, views and likes on posts that have built up in my absence. This blog still grew even though it went through a trough. Not at the same rate, of course, but it still grew. As of today, with this post, this blog starts to pull itself out of the trough and works its way back to a new peak.

Why am I going on about this? Well, think of it like this:

When I was highly active, the site grew quickly, and sent it to a peak. Then I stopped logging in, stopped posting, stopped interacting, yet the site still grew in it’s absence, even when it was at a trough.

It grew when it was at the lowest possible point.

What can we take from this? This is just an anecdote of life. It is never plain sailing; we go through peaks and troughs every single day. When you are at a peak, fucking appreciate it, do not take it for granted. Enjoy it, love it, don’t waste your time. When you are at a trough, recognize that it is only that. It is not going to last forever and if you grin and bear it eventually you will get back on top.

Life moves forward, whether we like it or not. As long as we recognize when we are low, and appreciate when we are high, maybe we won’t waste the one life we have.

As always,





  1. Great post Francis, it’s true that everything goes through phases, the ups and downs of life. By hanging on in there we get to see the riches that come from rags.


  2. Hey girl, just writing to encourage, not harass. I see you haven’t written for awhile, and I am praying that you are well. I know what it’s like, having PTSD and anxiety. It can rock your world, and there is no way to explain this to a newbie, or even family member. Please remember that you are loved unconditionally, by a God who will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. I love your writing and look very much forward to your next work. Prayers up~


  3. I empathize with this because I’ve had my blog for several years and over had times when I’ve been fine awhile and returned to see followers and messages and it helps leaking the poison from our minds into a healthy place where others can relate.


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